Technology and Innovation


Neuroscience Equipment

Transcranial stimulation systems similar to the one used by Liverpool in the English Premier League for the development of football skills by posison, achieving automation in actions such as:
1. Dribbling
2. Flicks
3. Free kicks
4. Penalties
5. Long passes and accuracy
6. Both-legs dominance
7. Increased effectiveness in finishing. Head, both legs, etc.

Visual Systems

We provide our players with technology related to the recording of matches or even have the technology to make individual recordings of the players with a tracking based on GPS technology and thus be able to take data for future corrections of the movements of the players on the pitch either in competitions or in training.
The recordings are made in 4K and can be downloaded with the corresponding technical report.
All players will be able to have a copy of each recording and they will be delivered in a format compatible with Iphone or Android phones.

Basic neuroscience material

The most important are those used for the following improvements:
1. Psychomotricity
2. Neuromotor re-education
3. Reaction speed by light or acoustic means, etc.
4. Exercises that combine motor and cognitive aspects.
All of them are used individually and are used to improve each of the necessary skills in each player according to their needs to improve their sporting performance on the field of play and in competition, whether amateur or professional.

Virtual reality

It is undoubtedly one of the most important improvements worldwide and is being used more and more professionally because it allows to work the brain of the football player in a different and playful way. It is used fundamentally in the following actions. These are:
1. Players who need to improve their scanning skills.
2. Players convalescing from an injury to work brain areas involved in the game and thus continue to develop neural pathways.
3. Players who are starting to work on the field after knee or ankle injury mainly.

Vision equipment

State-of-the-art equipment used in professional football for all positions. Their most important functions are:
1. Improved visual acuity
2. Improved reaction capacity
3. Improved peripheral vision
4. Development of automatisms
5. Improvement of laterality
6. Development of the directing eye
7. Improved eye-hand relationship
8. Effectiveness on balls with spin for goalkeepers or strikers who want to finish or stop.
9. Improved spatial-temporal orientation

Drone recordings

This technology and its application favour approaches to individual technical gestures and are used for highly personalised assessments of anatomical-functional aspects of the player.
Due to current legislation, its use is regulated in a very particular way and therefore the application of this technology is managed by qualified professionals for this purpose.
In any case, it is only used for individualised recordings and under the protection of strict security measures and under no circumstances during football matches or where there are crowds of people, either at matches or training sessions.

Ball machines

For the individual improvement of players in any position and adapted to the characteristics of each of their activities and functions on the field. It is essential in the work of goalkeepers to determine very specific shots as well as for midfielders to control the ball or for strikers to practice direct shots after entering or after controlling with both legs. Possibility of anaerobic and functional work on the playing field for several hours of autonomy. The exercises can be repeated continuously to maximise the training.

GPS-Biometric Systems

Equipment that allows to obtain metrics and whose information is essential to compare and know if there is progress in the development of the game. The data are:
1. Heat map
2. Total distance travelled and per minute
3. Accelerations and decelerations
4. Maximum speed runs
5. Ball striking and driving
6. Striking power
7. Maximum speed
8. Risk of injury
9. A total of more than 20 individual and analytical parameters.