Integral Programme

It consists of a package that brings together all the services and privileges on an individual basis and that includes individual sessions and a detailed follow-up. with all the programmes, such as the following: strength, speed, prevention, individual technification, applied neuroscience, tryouts, etc.

All for you !!!

Nutrition Programme

We tailor nutritional plans depending on the individual needs of each player to improve performance and address specific player issues.

Applied Neuroscience Programme

It is a specialised programme that improves neuromotor aspects of the player and is applied on an individual basis where the technical aspects of each player are polished.
This programme is similar to the one used by Liverpool in the English Premier League, which has given positive results to their players.

Injury prevention programme

We apply procedures and technology to prevent injuries or minimise the risk of injury. We manage very specific programmes on the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee and those of the ankle joint.

Speed programme

It is very specific for those players who need to improve this very important sporting quality. It is characterised by the fact that it can be carried out in person and online and for this we have the most sophisticated equipment and traditional techniques that have shown the best and greatest results in the world of football but which are the fundamental basis of athletics.